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“Humming birds 4th in pinkivory”

In Japan, I had never seen humming bird on my life.
So, "Humming bird" was only a image as same as like fairy or little marmaid for me.

About 15 years ago, I had a chance to visit my friend's house in AZ, I could see humming birds every morning at his garden, it was super nice experience!!
I had tried make photos of it, but I couldn't. They were very nervous and sensitive also fast.
So, I gave up to make photo and keep the image of his hovering in my mind.

When I started making flower design of cue, I picked "Humming bird" not "Butterfly" with flowers, because of this un-forgettable experience.

This is 4th generation of my humming bird, very gorgeous, 1 of a kind.
Every angle has different scene with bird, different size and materials.
Basic order was black leather wrap, and I changed it to wood handle with much more extra work. The choice of this handle wood was challenge for myself.
Thanks for your order Watanabe-san !!
I enjoyed a lot with this work.


Humming Birds


Silver flamed crown style back end



Joint Ring

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